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Faster and cheaper overseas payments.

The bitcoin network provides secure and cost-efficient transactions globally. Use CoinJar to buy bitcoins easily, hedge them against your preferred currency, and send instantly via the bitcoin network.

  • Send money anywhere, instantly

    With the power of technology, our money is connected like never before. Top up your CoinJar instantly via credit, debit card or bank account in supported countries, and send to anyone in the world.

  • Hedge against fiat currencies

    Use CoinJar Hedged Accounts to peg bitcoin against the currency you're sending. This means that you don't have to worry about the changing price of bitcoin, you just deposit exchange for the currency hedge relevant to you, and send when you're ready.

  • Transparent exchange rates

    We use CoinJar Fair Rate, which is a volume weighted average of major currency platforms. You can check all exchange rates and fees as you're making a transaction. This means you know you're getting a fair rate, and ensures you send the right amount, every time.

View our fees and check supported countries in our Knowledge Base.